Bird Proofing

Pigeons and Gull’s, are a nuisance to our own way of socialising and their fouling can cause damage to buildings as well as pose health threats to humans. However we all have a place on the Earth. So it is important we understand how to work alongside other species.

before using avishock for bird proofing in sunderland
Avishock Before
after using avishock for bird proofing in sunderalnd
Avishock After

Because they are so used to us, they have little fear of us. Some Gulls out of desperation have turned, to swooping upon us for our food, or simply taking our scraps, so now find themselves relying upon us to a certain degree.

birl gel for bird proofing in sunderland
Bird Gel
bird gel repelant in sunderland
Bird Gel Repelant

Ensuring that food waste is stored correctly and collected at regular intervals, will reduce this. In addition we have a varied selection, of Bird Proofing systems that can help us deter them, from posing as a threat. These range from meshing, spikes, gels and electronic devices.

bird proofing without using spikes in sudnerland
Without Spikes
bird proofing using spikes in sunderland
With Spikes

We can install Daddi long legs on roofs to prevent seagulls, pigeons or any other birds that are large from landing. They can also be used on decks,
booms or even boat canopies.

daddi long legs for bird proofing daddi long legs on roofs for bird proofing in sunderland

Usually prior to proofing a cleaning operation is required, where all fouling, dead birds, feathers and in some cases nesting materials must be removed. We offer this service and use a product that kills off all micro-organisms with a powerful Biocide, before, during and after treatment.