Insect Proofing & Protection

Whether your house or Business is plagued by Flying insects, including our Summer visitor the Wasp or Crawling insects. We have various means at our disposal to combat them.

In addition to our Chemical and Non Toxic treatments, on offer, we can install and maintain devices listed below, which are ideal for running Cafes, Pubs, Take Aways and Restaurants.

1. Electronic Fly killers.

electronic fly killers in sunderland

2. Electronic Sticky Pads.

electronic sticky pads for insect protection

3. Mesh Air Vent Covers. ( ideal to prevent Wasps ) using this popular nesting site.

mesh air vent for insect protection in sunderland mesh air vent cover to prevent wasps

To the food industry, Insects are a major threat, but fear not, there is an extensive range of products available to combat, these little pests.
These are just a few products to help you have a more comfortable house, or to help you run your business more smoothly.