Pest Control Washington, Tyne & Wear

We offer pest control services in Washington, Tyme and Wear. Each district which originally had a number, has now been replaced with a name. Each district is surrounded by natural beauty and wooded areas. These areas are also home to natural wildlife and especially the areas that are nearer to the River Wear, such as Barmston, Fatfield, Rickleton and Harraton.

Areas that are common in these districts are ingress of Mice via the old Bin Cuboards, which are attached to the front of the houses.
And of course, when the banks rise due to rainfall, this is the time when Rodents begin to migrate to higher ground to save themselves and their young. Our pest control service can address this issue and get rid of these rodents. Sadly when migration occurs, they move closer to human habitat, and to areas similar to those mentioned above.

This Southern area of Washington is also home to the Washington Wildfowl Park. A vast area of natural beauty and local as well as visiting wildlife. And of course, an area that, needs to be managed professionally, by dedicated staff, with up to date knowledge of the environment.

Situated in the centre of Washington is Princess Annes Park, again an area of stunning local foliage home to Pheasants, Peacocks and Rabbits as well as many species of Birds, and of course Rats and Mice. Who again migrate into areas such as Lambton, Ayton, Glebe, Oxclose and Biddick, also next to Biddick Woods.

Further North we have Albany, again with bin stores connected to the house and Concorde . Also a lovely wooded area that is home to local wildlife including Water Voles that runs along the stream, which is located within the Usworth Hall Estate.

Further North to the small communal village of Springwell, and its old sewer systems, and surrounded by Farms and farmland.

Its crucially important, and I feel that if you are conducting a Pest Control treatment, any professional technician, should always be aware of these natural areas of beauty and wildlife.

Under the new legislation, it is an offence, to place poisons, anywhere that non-target species may become the victim of poisoning. Owls are amongst the common victims of secondary poisoning.

This is why at Northern Pest Solutions, we are members of The National Pest Technicians Association and Basis Prompt. Who support the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use ( C.R.R.U. )

A full risk assessment is always carried out, not just on the property being treated, but also its surrounding habitat. To ensure Wild life remains as safe as can be.

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