Advisory and Prevention Services

Prevention is always better than cure - especially in the commercial world. Northern Pest Solutions provides regular advisory and support services to commercial clients to assure clean premises and remove pest risks from their operations.

Prevention Advice
In high risk environments such as restaurants, pubs and cafes it is vital to put in preventive measures to stop pest infestations before they occur. The trick, of course, is knowing exactly what those preventive measures should be.

Northern Pest Solutions provides advice on equipment, working practices end even building structures to help our clients build in defensive measures and reduce, as far as is reasonably practicable, the risk of succumbing to pest infestation.

This advice can be one-off, or delivered as part of a regular service contract.

Preventative Support
For complete peace of mind we offer a regular risk reduction and pest prevention support service.

This service takes the form of an audit on the working environment together with a range of checks for high risk pests. We also check preventative equipment such as insect traps and external air vents.

This service is especially useful for restaurants, pubs and cafes where food preparation takes place daily. However hotels, guest houses and rented accommodation also find this a very useful service as a pest infestation can prove to be every bit as toxic in these types of businesses - especially in the age of social media.

Typically our service work is delivered quarterly, bi-annually or annually, but a monthly option is also available for very high risk businesses and schools.

If you have a current pest concern - contact us to ask for a no obligation estimate now.