Rodent Proofing

The most common entry points for most Rodents are, faulty or deteriorating brickwork and foundations. Gaps large enough for Mice are 6mm and Rats 12mm. Another common route for Rats is through your drainage system. If an Interceptor Cap is missing or has fallen into the system, they can easily gain access to any of the domestic channels, leading to our home or workplace.

Rodent proofing before

before rodent proofing applied

Rodent proofing after

after rodent proofing service

Other easy routes are gaps below doors, including roller shutter systems.
They are excellent climbers, so can easily climb up walls if the brickwork is rough enough for them.
They can also climb up the inside of your drain pipes as well as the outside too, they simply get up between the gap in the wall and your drain pipe. Once onto the gutter, they may gain access to your loft space, if there is an entry point.

Drain without interceptor Cap.

rodent proofing work in sunderland

Drain with interceptor Cap
rodent proofing houses in sunderland

However most of these points of entry can be sealed or proofed, to prevent further ingress.
We have a broad range of systems including Mesh vents, Bristle strips, Bumper seals, Interceptor caps and of course for quicker, simple jobs cement.

rodent proofing techniques in sunderland rodent proofing services in sunderland

Rodents can also enter through under the rollers. We can fix this by sealing the gap below the rollers.
Take a look at what it looks like before and after.

Rollers Before.

rodent proofing in sunderland
Rollers After .

sunderland rodent proofing

This section/page, shows you a few ways, we can keep them out of our homes and commercial establishments.